GDA Podcast is the brainchild of Gail and Kyle Davis. This mother-and-son due bring their different perspectives, interests, and experience to create riveting conversations that showcase the best keynote speakers, thought leaders, educators, and motivators on the speaking circuit today.



Gail Davis is the Founder and President of one of the country’s premier keynote speakers bureaus, GDA Speakers. She makes CEOs, authors, educators, inventors, gurus and inspirational luminaries shine while at the helm of her namesake bureau, which began as Gail Davis & Associates. Beginning in 1999, Gail has created a full-service, client centric keynote speakers bureau known for its focus on the client. 

Before GDA Speakers, Gail spent decades in corporate marketing and events management at the global technology conglomerate Electronic Data Systems (EDS), which is now part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. While at EDS, she discovered Nando Parrado, a heroic survivor of the 1972 Andes plane crash that took the lives of many rugby players. Parrado was the keynote speaker for the company’s marquee event.

Based on the success of those early corporate events, Parrado signed an exclusive agreement with Davis, as it was her efforts that convinced him to share his story after so many years. It was the partnership with Parrado that eventually anchored the creation of GDA.


Kyle Davis grew up in the family business when it started in the downstairs office of his family home. Fast forward eighteen years, and Kyle has graduated from Columbia University, owned his own business, lived in several cities across the US, worked on MSNBC's Morning Joe, and spent the better part of three years running sales teams in the tech startup space. 

Kyle graduated with a degree in History and took several graduate level courses in conflict resolution and counterterrorism. After graduation, he worked at Square and several other startups in New York and San Francisco. In addition to producing and co-hosting the GDA Podcast, Kyle enjoys documentaries, listening to podcasts, lifting weights, and running. Clearly, he is fascinated by many things...